The key to unlocking outstanding value 

When you’re looking to purchase a home or property in Central Oregon, Lucky House Buyer can turn the whole region into a buyer’s market. Our extensive knowledge of the local market will help you negotiate with confidence and make sure you get an excellent deal. Part of that is because our exceptional ability to turn houses that are a little down on their luck into up-to-date works of art.

DIY or Contractor

We can increase your home-buying options by offering an immediate opinion on improvements that can be made on a less expensive home. And Lucky Handyman can save you even more money by doing the work for you as well.

We're in Your Corner

The My Lucky House team specializes in negotiating outside the box to make both the price and the terms work for you and the seller. With so many key advantages for buyers in our pocket, we can open up a lot of doors for you.

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